Public Transit Funding Programs


SRTA must ensure that all public transit funds are distributed, utilized and reported pursuant to state and federal laws and regulations. SRTA must also prepare a Coordinated Human Transportation Plan that recommends efficiency measures where there may be overlapping transit services or support.

Transportation Development Act (TDA)

Created by California's legislature in 1971, The Transportation Development Act is funded by 2 sources: the Local Transportation Fund (LTF) and State Transit Assistance (STA). LTF is derived from a quarter cent of the general sales tax collected within each county, while the STA is comprised of the statewide excise tax on diesel fuel. TDA funds fluctuate with the economy and the annual state budget. SRTA is responsible for the annual allocation of TDA monies. TDA is the primary source of funds for public transportation.

Federal Transit Administration Programs

SRTA administers grant programs for capital purchases (buses, passenger waiting facilities, maintenance facilities,equipment, etc.). The SRTA staff provide technical support to applicants applying for Federal Transit Administration competitive grant programs. Information on FTA grants can be viewed on our grants page.