FHWA Planning & FTA 5303 Funding

Funding Source: Approximate Annual Revenue:
FHWA Metropolitan Planning (PL) $775,000 to $800,000
FTA 5303 $95,000


FHWA PL and FTA 5303 funds are authorized each year through federal transportation authorizations (aka highway bills) for planning and administrative activities by metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs).  Each MPO is apportioned federal gas taxes based on a minimum share, plus factors for population and air quality. 

Designated Uses:

FHWA PL and FTA 5303 funds are used to fulfill the core responsibilities of the MPO:

  • Overall Work Program (OWP) development and administration
  • Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) preparation
  • Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) development and maintenance
  • Travel demand modeling
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) planning
  • Transit, bicycle, pedestrian, and freight planning
  • Public Participation Plan and related outreach activities, and interagency consultation

Other, non-core planning initiatives are eligible provided that they do not supersede core responsibilities and are consistent with overarching Federal Planning Factors and California Planning Emphasis Areas. (See SRTA Financial and Accounting Policies and Procedures, Chapter 2.0. Priorities and Procedures for the Distribution of Planning Funds)

Uses in Shasta Region:

FHWA PL and FTA 5303 funds represent SRTA’s primary revenue source.  Funds are used for: core planning responsibilities; administering board of directors meetings; disseminating information to the public; developing corridor studies; and other special projects.  Funds are also provided to local agency sub-recipients for eligible planning activities supporting SRTA’s planning responsibilities.  The Fiscal Year 2016-17 OWP provides detail about planning fund use. 

Funding Fact Sheet

Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Metropolitan Planning (PL) and Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Section 5303 Funding Fact Sheet Here!