State Planning, Programming & Monitoring Funding

Funding Source: Approximate Annual Revenue: Local Match Required
Planning, Programming & Monitoring (PPM) $147,000 to $218,000+ None


PPM is derived from the state gasoline excise tax and is allocated by the California Transportation Commission (CTC) through the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP).  

Designated Uses:

The CTC STIP Guidelines describe the following eligible PPM activities: 

  • Regional transportation planning – includes development and preparation of the regional transportation plan;
  • Project planning – includes the development of project study reports or major investment studies conducted by regional agencies or by local agencies, in cooperation with regional agencies;
  • Program development – includes the preparation of regional transportation improvement programs (RTIPs) and studies supporting them; and
  • Monitoring the implementation of STIP projects – includes project delivery, timely use of funds, and compliance with state law and CTC guidelines.

Uses in Shasta Region:

PPM is SRTA’s other staple funding source for planning activities, in addition to FHWA PL and FTA 5303 revenue.  SRTA utilizes PPM to augment federal funds.  PPM is also used for activities required by the state that are not eligible for the use of federal funds.

Funding Fact Sheet

State Planning, Programming, and Monitoring (PPM) Funding Fact Sheet Here!