Local Transportation Funds (LTF)

Funding Source: Approximate Annual Revenue: Local Match Required
Local Transportation Fund (LTF)

As needed for program administration - currently $226,000; balance goes to transit and local agencies.



Local Transportation Fund (LTF) is derived from a quarter cent of the general sales tax as provided for under the 1971 Transportation Development Act (TDA).  All revenues are considered local funds and returned to the originating county for the designated Regional Transportation Planning Agency (SRTA in Shasta County) to administer, within the general guidelines and priorities of the program. Because funds are based on sales tax, revenues vary from year-to-year depending on the economy. 

Designated Uses:

LTF provides for public transit planning and operations as well as coordination between transit providers serving the region.  Additionally, bicycle and pedestrian projects may be funded with LTF.  In regions with limited public transit needs, LTF may be used to fund local street and road improvements—as long as there are no unmet transit needs that are deemed reasonable to meet. 

Uses in Shasta Region: 

  • Administration of Transportation Development Act (TDA) funds
  • TDA audits
  • Transit planning and coordination
  • Local match for federal funds
  • Activities that are ineligible for reimbursement, such as indirect (overhead) costs

Funding Fact Sheet

Local Transportation Fund (LTF) for SRTA Administration Fact Sheet Here!