TDA Funds for Transit Agency Administration

Funding Source: Approximate Annual Revenue: Local Match Required
Transportation Development Act (TDA)

As needed for transit agency administration - currently $566,180.



Transportation Development Act (TDA) funds are a combination of Local Transportation Funds (LTF) and State Transit Assistance (STA) funding.  LTF is derived from a quarter cent of the general sales tax and is explained in more detail in a the LTF fact sheet.  STA funds  come from the statewide sales tax on diesel fuel.  SRTA is the designated recipient and responsible administrator of TDA funds. Because the TDA components are based on sales tax, revenues vary from year-to-year depending on the economy. 

Designated Uses:

TDA provides for public transit planning and operations as well as coordination between providers serving the region.   In the Overall Work Program (OWP), TDA funding is under work element 708.04, and outlines the responsibilities of the region’s service providers in administering the use of TDA funds for public transit.

Uses in Shasta Region: 

Transit agency administration by the following:

Funding Fact Sheet

Transportation Development Act (TDA) for Transit Agency Administration Fact Sheet Here!