Federal & State Discretionary Transportation Planning Funds

Discretionary grant funds are awarded competitively in response to SRTA applications.  Revenues vary from year-to-year based on availability of funds, program award maximums, the quality of proposals submitted, and the competitiveness of the grant funds’ particular cycles.  SRTA tracks various grant programs and prepares proposals, as appropriate.  In addition, SRTA supports local partner agencies in identifying, pursuing and administering complementary grants. 


Federal and state government departments make transportation planning funds available for specific purposes.  Some programs receive annual, ongoing funding.  Others are limited to a set number of grant cycles based on funding limitations. 

​Funding Fact Sheet

Federal and State Discretionary Transportation Planning Funds Fact Sheet Here!

Recent and Active Grant Programs

Grant Programs

Schedule Match Requirement

Caltrans Sustainable Transportation Planning Grant Program - includes two categories: Strategic Partnership & Sustainable Communities

Annual, ongoing

20% of total for strategic partnerships, and 11.47% of total for sustainable communities.

State Planning & Research (SPR)

Annual, ongoing

20% of total project.

Strategic Growth Council Proposition 84 Programs - includes two programs: Sustainable Communities & Modeling Enhancements

Three cycles None, although leveraging is suggested.

Active Transportation Program (ATP) 

Annual, ongoing

None, although leveraging is suggested.

Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program (AHSC) under Cap and Trade – new per Strategic Growth Council (2nd cycle expected to provide $140M)

Guidelines under development; 1st cycle Dec. 2014 - spring 2015; 2nd cycle Jan. - April 2016 Unknown.

Seven-Year SRTA Grant Revenue History

Program Amount Awarded Purpose
California Regional Blueprint Program $384K (Round 1)
$197K (Round 2)
$325K (round 3)
Regional Blueprint development
Note: This funding source is no longer available
Proposition 84 Sustainable Communities $300K (Round 1)
$528K (Round 2)
Sustainable Communities Strategy & related technical tasks
Proposition 84 Modeling Enhancements $400K Develop a new activity-based travel demand model and regional parcel/roadway data.
State Planning & Research $225K
North State Transportation for Economic Development Study
Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Study
Safe Routes to School (now subsumed under ATP) $450K

$500K (2015-16)
Development and implement programs promoting safe routes to school in Shasta County (non-infrastructure grant)
Same as above, within three school districts (Shasta County Health and Human Services is the implementing agency)
Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities $2 Million (2nd cycle) Redevelop existing commercial building into mixed-use with 79 affordable housing units near active transportation network. Converts three streets to complete streets, adds protected bike lane, bus pass subsidies to tenants